Sopranos- Sing Along Pub, has been the place for the party lovers in Colombo to hang out, sing their favourite tunes in a family environment since it’s inception in November 2002.

Sopranos Sing Along Pub is a stylish bar, stocked with cocktails, mocktails and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with a homely ambience that is both contemporary and inviting. Benefiting from a multi-levelled design and a high-tech karaoke sound system, Sopranos is spacious, without compromising on the intimacy that is so attractive in a Sing Along Pub.

Sopranos  offers a carnal tribute to the senses, an invigorating experience for the individual who craves a scintillating night out. Designed to be a star class Sing Along Pub, Sopranos offers the latest in sound technology and 20,000 English musical tracks to choose from. Frequented by fun loving foreigners and Colombo’s own glitterati, Sopranos is the ideal venue to enjoy delectable cocktails, tantalizing hors d’oeuvres and classy serenades.
For owner and founder, Dana Forster, singing is not simply a passion but a way of life, a reality that gave rise to the transformation of an unused store room in to an unmissable karaoke bar. Her idea to create a place ‘where people could let loose and just sing’ has established an ambiance of comfort that has fostered a base of clientele who have become as devoted to the pub as those members of the mafia family it is named after. This is a place where everyone is ensured a good time, which of course means that from Monday to Saturday you are sure to always find it occupied.

Every night of the week, Soprano’s has a theme to suite your requirements.

Sopranos, A home away from home...
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